Zero Loss Time for Cottrell Contracting in 2017

Cottrell Contracting Corporation is proud to announce that it had zero accidents and incidents and zero loss time in 2017. Cottrell’s safety success happened quickly but not overnight. Policies and procedures were improved, and safety gear was upgraded. Stop work authority and education were made high priorities. Drones and other technologies were adopted to improve training and education and further protect crewmembers. Like at other companies, safety culture change at Cottrell had to become personal. Employees were encouraged to support the safety of others and share best practices. Using the personal approach resonated profoundly with younger employees who lacked the same level of experience and felt immune from danger.

Everyone at Cottrell strongly believes in leading by example and putting safety first at all times. Every employee is required to make the commitment that they will make safe decisions every day for themselves and their fellow co-workers. The true measure of safety success for the Cottrell Contracting family is not awards and recognition – it’s sending people home safely to their families every day. This company-wide commitment to safety has truly been overwhelming and continues to thrive. Devon Carlock, VP of Safety and Government Relations, could not be prouder of his team members for each becoming a leader in safety and embracing all of the components of the new Cottrell safety culture.

According to Carlock, “the Council for Dredging and Marine Construction Safety (CDMCS) has been an integral part of Cottrell’s success. The sharing of ideas, policies and best practices in a peer-to-peer forum has played a pivotal role in our safety journey.”