CEO’s for Safety

CDMCS: CEO's for Safety

In an effort to promote industry-wide safety, CDMCS Member CEO's will be highlighted here, showcasing their messages about workplace safety and compliance. The CDMCS provides industry leadership and a best practices forum for fostering an accident and injury-free environment for all individuals in the dredging and marine construction industry.


Rich Weeks
CEO of Weeks Marine, Inc.

Mr. Weeks discusses the importance of Safety Week and the¬†‘Weeks for LIIFE’ (Living Incident and Injury-Free Everyday) program.

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Ben Cottrell V
President of Cottrell Contracting Corporation

Mr. Cottrell reviews the three important statements that sum up Cottrell Contracting’s workplace safety mission.

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Richard Jackson
Executive VP & COO of Inland Dredging Company

Mr. Jackson explores opportunities to mitigate workplace risk and create a safe work environment¬†for Inland’s employees.

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