Sevenson Environmental Services Joins CDMCS

CDMCS is pleased to welcome Sevenson Environmental Services of Niagara Falls, New York, one of the nation’s most prominent remedial construction and environmental dredging companies, to the organization. With roots dating back to 1917, Sevenson is one of the only pure environmental remediation firms that has successfully transitioned from land-based remedial action projects into contaminated sediments remediation. This transition began in 1993 when Sevenson was awarded and successfully completed the first large-scale Superfund Site sediment remediation project at the Marathon Battery Site in Cold Springs, New York, on the Hudson River.

Sevenson gained significant insight and operational knowledge in environmental dredging, dewatering, and water treatment since the Marathon Battery Project and has continued to work on some of the nation’s most visible contaminated sediment sites. It has successfully completed more than 1,450 environmental remediation and contaminated sediment dredging projects in the United States and Canada with a combined value over $4.5 billion, including projects at 128 Superfund Sites.

Sevenson owns and operates a full complement of horizontal auger and cutter suction dredges, mechanical dredges, specialized pumping systems, piping, tanks, filter presses, centrifuges, and related water and filtrate treatment equipment. It dredges and dewaters sediment from lakes, rivers, creeks, coves, marshes, waste ponds, and pits.

Today, Sevenson partners with clients and consulting engineers to address difficult process design and field implementation issues at sediment sites throughout the United States. These partnerships have been tested and strengthened through the management, execution, and safe completion of its projects.

Health and safety is the most important part of every project at Sevenson. The company is committed to fulfilling its responsibility of protecting the health and safety of company employees, onsite personnel, clients, local communities, and the environment. The highest safety standards are maintained by implementing a behavior-based safety system known as a Job Safety Enhancement Program (JSEP). The three keys to a successful JSEP are education, identification, and participation. Key components to Sevenson’s successful safety culture are as follows:

– Adhering to the doctrine that all accidents and incidences are preventable

– Strictly complying with Sevenson, Client, and OSHA safety programs, policies, procedures, and regulations

– Continually working to improve the corporate safety and health program

– Maintaining the philosophy that each and every day safety is the first and foremost responsibility of everyone

– Obtaining employee buy-in for the health and safety program, empowering personnel, and creating awareness that everyone is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment

– Achieving a project goal of zero injuries, illnesses, environmental releases, and incidences by eliminating at-risk behaviors through task observation, coaching, and education


“As a fourth generation family-owned company, Sevenson brings an incredible level of experience and expertise to the CDMCS table,” said CDMCS Managing Director Michael Gerhardt. “It has an award-winning track record on safety and for completing projects on time. Additionally, Sevenson has earned industry-wide respect for its cutting-edge work, innovative solutions, and environmental stewardship. The council members look forward to advancing safety with Sevenson at the industry level. Welcome!”


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