Pipeline Safety

The following presentation was prepared by the NTSB.  The following points are excerpted from the full report, available here.

What We Found: Pipeline Hazard Training

  • Waymon Boyd crew lacked function-specific pipeline safety training and emergency procedures that could have prepared them to react quicker and more effectively to the pipeline strike.

Pipeline Hazard Training

  • Waymon Boyd crew not trained in recommended actions for pipeline strike
  • Company had no emergency procedures for pipeline strike prior to accident
  • Company instituted utilities awareness training postaccident

Recommendation: Pipeline Hazard Training

  • Dredging industry would benefit from training on utilities awareness and emergency procedures in the event of a pipeline strike
  • The circumstances of this accident provide a number of lessons learned
  • The Coastal and Marine Operators’ (CAMO) Pipeline Industry Initiative online training course CAMO modify the existing online pipeline safety training (Working Safely Near Underwater Pipelines)to incorporate lessons learned from this accident.