Pacific Dredge & Construction Joins CDMCS

CDMCS proudly welcomes Pacific Dredge & Construction (PDC) of San Diego, California to the nation’s premiere safety organization for the dredging and marine construction industry. PDC is a  leader in cutter suction dredging, mechanical dredging, and marine construction, stretching from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego and out to Catalina Island. Specific services include harbor dredging, channel dredging, marina dredging, shallow water dredging, dam and reservoir dredging, habitat restoration, beach nourishment, pier and wharf construction, pile driving, breakwater and dike construction, seawall repair, and many others.

PDC is constantly innovating to build safer, more efficient and cost-effective equipment. PDC currently has the newest fleet of dump scows on the West Coast ranging from 300cy to 2,200 cy; however, like its parent company, Pacific Maritime Group, its most important asset is its people, and its central focus is safety.

In Pacific Maritime Group’s own words…

“We value people and the places we live and work above all else. Our commitment is to promote and provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for our employees we call family, our customers we serve, and the communities and amazing places we live and work. Every voyage, every project, every day, every person is irreplaceable. The Pacific Maritime Group of companies seeks to make our people feel like part of the family. We know that to be successful it takes everyone involved in our various operations to take personal responsibility for his or her own safety and that of our co-workers around us. With differing types of work from maritime freight operations to marine construction, we must be vigilant at all times.

In addition to wearing proper personal protective equipment on the job-site, we conduct activity hazard analyses and follow up with inspections and assessments to continually improve company protocols and procedures. Each and every person is encouraged to be continuously on the lookout for methods of accomplishing challenging projects in a safer and more effective manner. The safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are our greatest responsibilities. We believe that by developing a safety culture and involving everyone in the process our commitment to achieve a safe, secure, environmentally conscious workplace is attainable.”

“Safety on the job starts with realizing that we each have a stake in everyone else’s safety,” said CDMCS Managing Director Michael Gerhardt. “Our decisions, both smart and foolish, WILL impact others. Our values, if weak or misplaced, WILL lead to an incident. At CDMCS we too have a people-first mindset, and it’s central to EVERYTHING we do. We look forward to working closely with Pacific Dredge & Construction and the entire Pacific Maritime Group family. Welcome!”

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