Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements–NAICS Update and Reporting Revisions

Stage: Final Rule RIN: 1218-AC50

CFR Citation: 29 CFR 1904 (To search for a specific CFR, visit the Code of Federal Regulations.)

Abstract:This rulemaking involves changes to two aspects of the OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements. First, OSHA is updating appendix A to subpart B of part 1904. This appendix contains a list of industries that are partially exempt from the requirements to maintain a log of occupational injuries and illnesses, generally due to their relatively low rates of occupational injury and illness. The current list of industries is based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. In 1997, a newer system, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), was introduced to classify establishments by industry. The rulemaking would update appendix A by replacing it with a list of industries based on the NAICS and based on more recent occupational injury and illness rates. Second, this rulemaking would revise the reporting requirements regarding the obligations of employers to report to OSHA the occurrence of fatalities and certain injuries. The existing regulations require employers to report to OSHA within 8 hours any work-related incident resulting in the death of an employee or the inpatient hospitalization of three or more employees.