Matthews Brothers Joins CDMCS

CDMCS welcomes specialty marine services company Matthews Brothers, Inc. to the organization. Founded in 1999 and based in Pass Christian, Mississippi, the company began when brothers Shaw and Tom Matthews created a vision to operate a marine construction company with a personal yet professional touch. Shaw and Tom started by providing general crane barge services along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and with an early focus on mechanical dredging, they built equipment and developed techniques unmatched in the marketplace. Over the last 20 years they have rebuilt the best of the “old world” equipment, invested in new assets, and continue to utilize the latest technology in dredge positioning and hydrographic surveying.

The company’s basic operating premise and key to success is the hands-on approach that Shaw and Tom bring to every project. They work closely with clients during every step of the project, not only before and during but also after completion. This ensures an operation with the highest level of safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Matthews Brothers’ specialty dredging service employs personnel and utilizes equipment that are versatile to many conditions and situations. It has the capability to dredge or trench all aggregate classes of sediment from silt to clay and from fine gravel to boulders. The company’s discharge method includes a slurry box with a booster pump that feeds any distance of pipeline needed to successfully discharge materials to a safe upland or designated disposal site. In addition to dredging services, Matthews Brothers is also competent in providing other marine services including, but not limited to, reef building, debris removal, marine salvage, crane barge service, marine towing, and material handling.

Matthews Brothers takes safety seriously. In 2008 the company adopted an HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) plan offering guidance and providing for proper and effective management of the company assets and personnel with respect to marine safety, security, and environmental protection. Its commitment to the HSE plan, in addition to seeking out best practices and procedures, has set a course for better, safer, and more secure marine practices and preventive measures to protect its crews and the environment. Matthews Brothers’ safety culture and program are in good standing with ISNetworld and PICS Auditing, two leading contractor safety verification companies.

“Safety is personal at Matthews Brothers, Inc. By becoming a member of the Council for Dredging and Marine Construction Safety, we are able to share safety insights and experiences with our peers to ensure we return home safely to our families and to keep our carefully developed safety program up to date.” – Matthews Brothers Vice President Trey Taylor


“Dredging and marine construction companies across the country and of all sizes are joining the CDMCS because we provide the only peer-to-peer best practices safety forum specific to our industry. SME’s in particular have a lot to gain from council meetings and resources. With its unwavering commitment to safety and willingness to share what works, Matthews Brothers will fit right in and help all of us sustain safety excellence in dredging and marine construction.” – CDMCS Managing Director Michael Gerhardt


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