Leading Marine Solutions Company Joins CDMCS

CDMCS is pleased to announce that Curtin Maritime of Long Beach, California has joined the nation’s unified safety voice for dredging and marine construction. Founded in 1997 Curtin Maritime is a leading American-owned and -operated marine solutions company providing a wide range of quality maritime services for each phase of a project, from design to execution. Services include dredging, marine construction, salvage, ocean towing, harbor assist towing, heavy lift, deep water mooring, inter-platform cable laying, oil well capping, vessel conversion and construction, and vessel repair and maintenance. Through systematic innovation and an emphasis on versatile design, Curtin has experienced continuous growth, with more expansion always on the horizon.

Leadership places heavy emphasis on its 3 Pillars: Efficiency, Innovation, and Integrity. These pillars are the framework for Curtin Maritime’s safe performance and operational excellence. The company places the highest priority on individual safety both at sea and onshore. The objective of its safety management system is to go beyond policies and compliance and to promote a safety culture. There is visible leadership commitment at all levels of the organization, meaningful employee involvement, and abundant financial investment in resources to continuously improve a safe work environment. All employees strive for excellence through efficient work habits and skillful performance, and with a combination of well-planned processes, smart priorities, and agile problem-solving, Curtin Maritime’s safety culture is proficiently put into practice.

Curtin Maritime’s Safety Commitment Statement is right on point,” said CDMCS Managing Director Michael Gerhardt. “Its position that ‘safety is not an option’ puts people first and rightly so. Like its peers at CDMCS, everyone at Curtin is committed to sending everyone else home safely each and every day. This is the starting point from which every thing else with due diligence falls into place.  We look forward to working closely with the Curtin Maritime Team. Welcome!”

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