Gator Dredging Joins CDMCS

CDMCS is pleased to announce that Gator Dredging from Clearwater, Florida has joined the organization. Gator Dredging was founded in 2005 by William J. Coughlin III and Philip A. Findlay. Since the company’s formation in 2005, Gator Dredging has been at the forefront of development in hydraulic and mechanical dredging, as well as dewatering processes. The developments have enabled more economical and environmentally friendly methods for dredging and environmental restoration projects.

Gator Dredging provides specialized services for a wide range of marina contracting and environmental restoration projects including inlet, intercoastal, port, navigational channel, marina, lake and spring restoration, algae remediation, harmful algae blooms (HAB) services, stormwater outfall services, and mining of sand, potash and phosphate. Gator Dredging does it all from proposal to disposal.

The company has completed multiple projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, county, municipal, commercial, and private clients. Some of these projects include Pinellas County’s Lake Seminole Restoration Project, the Cape Coral Canal Project, the City of Ft. Pierce Channel and Marina Projects, Brevard County’s Grand Canal Sediment Removal Project as part of the “Save Our Indian River Lagoon Initiative,” and the Army Corps’ Stevenson Creek Project.

Owners William and Philip make safety both a top priority and a state of mind at Gator Dredging. The staff is like family, and they do what it takes to see that everyone else gets home safely after each shift.

“It’s great to have an entrepreneurial small business dredging contractor from the Tampa Bay Area that specializes along the Florida waterways and has a solid commitment towards safety. The Gator Team will bring a lot to the table with a fresh perspective and new ideas. We look forward to the partnership, Gator Dredging!” – CDMCS Managing Director Michael Gerhardt.


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