DoC Mapping Joins CDMCS

CDMCS proudly welcomes DoC Mapping, LLC to the nation’s premiere safety organization for the dredging and marine construction industry. With offices in New Orleans and San Diego, DoC Mapping takes an innovative approach to buried pipeline and cable mapping, and it’s revolutionizing the way that depth of cover surveys are conducted and the manner in which the data is reported. With years of experience, the DoC Mapping team has developed a process that allows these surveys to be completed faster, safer and more accurately than the more traditional methods (i.e. diver jet-probing, sub-bottom profiling and magnetometer readings). Reduced time on-site results in a lower cost to the operator.

Whether buried in a shipping channel or under a residential neighborhood, DoC Mapping provides a detailed representation of the target infrastructure that is unlike anything previously available. For surveys in waterways, divers are not required, thereby increasing safety and dramatically reducing exposure to liability. For surveys on land, the density of data points is vastly increased, in some cases over 1000-fold. Integration of top of the line GPS and locating technologies allows all data points to be time-synced and geo-positioned automatically resulting in accuracies that were previously unavailable.

“Detecting underwater utilities in the dredging footprint is critical for our industry. Knowing the X,Y,Z coordinates helps protect the safety of our crews. The CDMCS has had a laser focus on this issue for years and published Pipeline Incident Prevention in January to raise awareness and help companies establish best practices. DoC Mapping will be plugged right into this conversation.  We are glad to know that for DoC Mapping safety is job #1 and encompasses all that they do.” – CDMCS Executive Director Michael Gerhardt


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