Being a member of the CDMCS affords us the opportunity to share and grasp ideas with our fellow dredging organizations and construction companies as we collectively strengthen our safety practices!

Ashley Kerns

Vice President - Mike Hooks

The CDMCS is a fantastic resource for promoting safety within the industry. The partnership between the USACE, AGC and CDMCS is an excellent way to stay on top of changing regulations and accident injury trends.

Joe Sellers

Safety Manager - Durocher Marine

The CDMCS provides a unique and collegial forum to share best practices. The industry data collected and analyzed by the Council has been very useful for identifying safety trends in our industry.

Carol Shobrook

President of Sales & Marketing - JT Cleary
Howard Cooper

The CDMCS fosters the healthy exchange of best practices amongst peers in the industry and creates a unique forum for constructive dialogue with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a regional and national scale. We have resolved issues together that have had a direct, positive impact on Dutra's safety program and culture.

Howard Cooper

Safety Manager - The Dutra Group

The CDMCS provides an open platform for members to discuss safety issues and an excellent partnership with the USACE, working toward achieving our common goal of an incident and injury-free workplace.

Jason Campbell

Corporate Safety Director - Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

The CDMCS collaborates and networks with industry leaders and the Corps of Engineers, which enables us to create a cultural paradigm shift of a “safety first” mentality and a caring attitude toward our workforce. Focusing on safety and the care and custody of our employees as an industry will ultimately drive the cost of doing business down for everyone.

Richard Jackson

Executive VP & COO - Inland Dredging Company

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