Leaders for Safety

CDMCS: Leaders for Safety

In an effort to promote industry-wide safety, CDMCS Member CEO's will be highlighted here, showcasing their messages about workplace safety and compliance. The goal for CDMCS is to provide the necessary support that encourages an environment free of hazards for all individuals in the dredging and marine construction industry.


Rich Weeks
CEO of Weeks Marine, Inc.

Mr. Weeks discusses the importance of Safety Week 2017 and the new ‘Weeks for LIIFE’ (Living Incident and Injury-Free Everyday) program.

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Ben Cottrell V
President of Cottrell Contracting Corporation

Mr. Cottrell reviews the three important statements that sum up Cottrell Contracting’s workplace safety mission.

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Richard Jackson
Executive VP & COO of Inland Dredging Company

Mr. Jackson explores opportunities to mitigate workplace risk and create a safe work environment for Inland’s employees.

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